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Europe wants digital library

August 29, 2006

European Commissioner Viviane Reding announced Europe’s own project for digitising Europe’s cultural heritage. In a Recommendation on digitisation and digital preservation, it calls on Member States to act in various areas. EU Member States should set up large-scale digitisation facilities, resolve copyright questions and systematically preserve digital content in order to ensure long term access to the material. The aim is to arrive at a real European digital library, commented Information Society and Media Commissioner Reding. She wants to accelerate the process of getting Europe’s cultural heritage on line via the European digital library.


Ads cut textbook costs

August 22, 2006

Textbook prices are soaring. Faculties struggle with their book budget. A small Minnesota startup has an answer. They will offer more than 100 titles of business courses this fall to students for free. They wil sell ad space to cut textbook costs. Read more on

Economists’ blogs

August 9, 2006

The Economist gives us this week an answer to the question: why do economists spend valuable time blogging? Famous blogging economists are: Brad DeLong (Berkeley), Greg Mankiw (Harvard), Gary Becker and Richard Posner (Chicago). See also Brad Setser (Roubini Global Economics). Perhaps there is a connection between the blogs and the waning position of top universities as described by a NBER-paper.

Library closed

August 4, 2006

The library is closed on Monday 14 August and on Tuesday 15 August (Assumption of Mary).