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Another blog about open access

February 22, 2007

Even for the people at Consumer Science ‘open access’ is an interesting phenomenon.


Reed Elsevier to sell education arm

February 20, 2007

Sir Crispin Davis, the chief executive of Reed Elsevier, put his company’s struggling education arm up for sale. The growth prospects of Harcourt General weren not as great as hoped for. Reed will now concentrate on its three remaining business areas of scientific, legal and professional publishing.

(Source: Informatie Professional)

Top Universities post lectures and other course materials on the web

February 20, 2007

Following the lead of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, more institutions are posting online everything from lecture notes to sample tests. Colleges and universities say they want to democratize education, making the best resources available to more people. But they also hope that it leads to more interest from potential applicants.

Source: Wall Street Journal

e-journals in catalogue

February 13, 2007

From now on, one can search for electronic journals/periodicals directly in the catalogue. The best way to do this is to use the first searchbox (“Search for a book/periodical (print or electronic) in K.U.Leuven”) on our homepage.

Extended opening hours

February 12, 2007

The library announces new extended opening hours from Monday 12th February:
Mo: 10-18
Tu: 10-18
We: 10-22
Thu: 10-22
Fr: 10-16

For newbies: the book

February 12, 2007

Publishers against Open Access

February 9, 2007

Some publishers see the open access movement as a threat. To tackle the free publishing they have decided to hire the pr-consultant Eric Dezenhall. He considers open access as a form of censorship, says the journal Nature . Eric Dezenhall is author of Nail ‘Em! Confronting High-Profile Attacks on Celebrities and Businesses.

Source: Informatieprofessional, Nature – PR’s ‘pit bull’ takes on open access