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UB Ghent and Google

May 24, 2007

UB Ghent is very happy to announce his partnership with Google Book Search.
Google will digitize about 300.000 out of copyright books from the heritage collection, Ghent University being the 15th partner in the Library Program.


Plagiarism in theses

May 15, 2007

To prevent online plagiarism the university of Gent and Leuven are testing software. Gent is using Ephorus and Leuven is trying Turnitin to check papers.
(Bron Belga)

Library closed

May 15, 2007

The library is closed on Thursday 17 May (Ascension Day) but open on Friday 18 May .

IBM and K.U.Leuven join forces for students and staff with disabilities

May 3, 2007

IBM and K.U.Leuven concluded a partnership agreement on further development of the university’s facilities for students and staff with disabilities, since both organisations are great proponents of an equal opportunity policy and have been pursuing an active diversity policy for years. The area of collaboration is dyslexia and blindness. Together with specialists from K.U.Leuven, IBM will be investigating a number of software packages with the cooperation of their suppliers. You can find some of this equipment in the library ETEW and in other university libraries of the K.U.Leuven.