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iPod Index

January 31, 2007

An Australian bank has developed a new indicator for foreign exchange movements based on Apple’s iPod music player, and as an alternative to the long-standing Big Mac Index.

In 1986, The Economist magazine launched an index based on the McDonalds hamburger as a way of assessing whether a particular currency was under- or overvalued against other currencies. The Economist’s Big Mac Index is as a way of looking at purchasing powers, and has a good track record in predicting the direction of currencies.

A writer on the website criticizes the iPod Index. iPods are manufactured in China. They don’t reflect the local production costs as the Big Mac Index does, says the author of the article.

(Source:, Sidney Morning Herald)


Listen to Berkeley lectures on iTunes

January 3, 2007

On you can find some Berkeley Lectures on computer science, physical science and also on… macroeconomics. Once you have downloaded the files you can listen to prof. Steven Wood’s lecture on Macroeconomic analysis.

Nobel Price for economics

October 11, 2006

Mr. Phelps, the McVickar Professor of Political Economy at Columbia, was awarded the 2006 Nobel Price for economics.

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