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February 4, 2009

ECONOMISTS ONLINE has been released on 2nd February

Research from our Faculty will be available from the finished version of the portal at the end of August. Several members of the staff from the Library Services are involved in making this a reality, as well as being responsible for the awareness and dissemination activities for the project as a whole, and providing IPR expertise. We are inviting you to try out this new service and to complete the online survey.



September 21, 2006

Library ETEW is work package leader for the multilingual aspects of NEEO2. That’s the name of the new proposal made by NEREUS in the eContentPlus-program of the European Commission. As you know NEREUS is a consortium of leading European economic libraries. Read more

Versions Survey

June 19, 2006

An academic research paper evolves during its development from idea to published article. As a result numerous versions of the same paper are produced by the author. The ease with which papers can be created and distributed in digital form has Read the rest of this entry »


April 19, 2006

NEEO was not successful with the EU bid. There was very tight competition with over 60 projects submitted to the same action line and for targeted projects; only 7 made it. The key "weakness" was that we are not the owner of the material but our authors.



February 13, 2006

26 and 27 January the library organised a two day conference for Nereus. Important economic libraries (e.g. London School of Economics, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Kiel, Oxford, Toulouse) are member of this consortium.
Topics were the standards for versions of working papers and the creation of a full text database of economic publications.
Hopefully the European Commission will accept the Nereus proposal (NEEO) to create a large multilingual full-text database.

Link to new website


January 12, 2006

As member of Nereus we are hosting a two-day library conference on 26 and 27 January. With the colleagues of the libraries of LSE, Kiel, Tilburg, Rotterdam we will discuss the issue of full-text academic publications, an index of economic sources …


December 14, 2005

The library ETEW is partner of NEREUS, an European consortium of economic libraries. The library participates in an European proposal.
NEEO is a proposal of NEREUS for the European Commission in the eContentplus Programme. This is a multiannual Community programme to make digital content in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable.
Based on the content of the Institutional Repositories of the partners, the project will establish a central multilingual portal with enhanced metadata descriptions of and links to the full-text research output of top researchers in the partner institutions, and provide appropriate services for the user community.